Young Makers Christmas Market


The Young Makers Christmas Market was our first market of the year. I was very excited to go as my sister, some of my friends and I were going to busk. A new addition to our stall were the ‘Cute Zees’. They sold very well to the little kids, which was good because the market was for kids.

The busking was the highlight of my day. I liked singing with my friends and playing Christmas carols. We got about a third of the money from it. It was an interesting change, rather than just sitting behind the stall all day, we got to go out and perform for the better. I also found it very hard as we had no microphone and it was very noisy.

We also got to sell food. It was hard to not get tempted to eat one of the muffins that we made, they looked so good! Overall, I had an awesome day!

~ Amelia

Today my family and I went to the markets in North Perth Common. At the stall we made reindeer muffins and they looked so delicious we ate them at home. We also went busking but there was no microphone and it was quite noisy so I don’t think many people heard us singing. I made some cute little statues and I think they were the bestsellers because after the market they were nearly all gone.

I think I am a great saleswoman because almost 75 percent of the people I talked to bought our products. In the end, we made $150 and its really nice to know that I can help people who are less fortunate achieve their dreams and believe that they can change the world. I think helping other people than yourself achieve their goals is really important but at the same time make your dreams come true.

~ Zuriel

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