The money A&Z fundraise all goes to charity. As mentioned in the Friends of A&Z page the charities we fundraise for are: Platypus, Anjali House and Nepal Orphans Home.

Amelia, Zuriel and a helpful friend at the Christmas Perth Makers Market (PMM) 2016, their first market ever.
A&Z’s second fundraiser. At PMM 2016.
Amelia at the Cambridge Street Festival 2017.
The two sisters with Zuriel’s friend at the PMM at Elizabeth Quay, 2017.
Zuriel at the Cambridge Street Festival in 2018.
Amelia and Zuriel’s Wembley Primary school fete, 2018.
A&Z at the Cambridge Street Festival, 2019
Kids Christmas market in North Perth, 2019
A&Z’s at PMM held at the Perth Convention Center, 2019
Young Makers Christmas Market at North Perth Common, 2020
Christmas Perth Makers Market at Heathcote Applecross, 2020

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