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Amelia’s Books

The Star With A Face

This book was written by Amelia Loh. ‘The Star With A Face’ was her first book, written in year 1, 2014, at the age of 7. She was inspired to do this when she was drawing a picture. It wasn’t going quite well, so she turned it into on of main characters of the story. A star. She then started to write and with the help of her dad, Ray Loh, she illustrated some of it too.

‘The Star With A Face’ is about a lonely star who wanted to be able to talk with others. So the star made a wish. She wished and wished, but it never happened… But she still didn’t give up.

The main moral is to…

Never give up on your wishes…

The Star With A Face

Coco The Cat & Danny The Dog

‘Coco The Cat & Danny The Dog’ was Amelia Loh’s second book. She wrote it in year two, 2015. Entering it into the Make Your Own Story Book Competition (MYOSBC) by The Children’s Book Council Of Australia (CBCA) Amelia won first prize in her category.

The blurb of ‘Coco The Cat & Danny The Dog’:

Coco and Danny don’t get along. They always annoy each other with their habits. Then one night, something happens that will change their lives…

Coco The Cat & Danny The Dog
The Butterfly Who Lost Its Wings

The third and final book Amelia Loh has written is ‘The Butterfly Who Lost Its Wings’. She wrote this when she was 9 years old in 2016. She also entered it into the MYOSBC. Unfortunately, it was not a competition winner.

The blurb of ‘The Butterfly Who Lost Its Wings’:

“Oh, aren’t my wings gorgeous?”

This is a story of Miss Dotty and her friends. They are playing in the garden and Miss Dotty is boasting about her wings. She was ignoring her friends. Suddenly… Do you know what happens to those who boasts and ignores friends’ advice?

The Butterfly Who Lost Its Wings

Zuzu’s Books

The Rubber Tapper Girl

‘The Rubber Tapper Girl’ was Zuriel’s first book. She wrote this book in 2019 at the age of 7. It was inspired by her grandmother’s hard life.

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