Helping the Homeless

Amelia playing the guitar with Zuriel singing and accompanying her

We went to Fremantle to help the homeless. Zuriel and I prepared jelly cups for them with many delicious flavours. I also played the guitar to lighten up the mood and create a nice atmosphere. After a while, Zuriel started to sing with me. Helping the homeless is a nice experience where we can be helpful and give back to the community.

~ Amelia

Today I helped the homeless and we played music, chased the seagulls out of the area and served some delicious jelly! I like helping them because it feels nice to help the people who aren’t privileged. When I was singing with my big sister playing the guitar the very annoying power generator was muffling the music. I served jelly cups and I thought how come nobody wants any jelly? They are sooo yummy it’s tempting me to take one😋! 

~ Zuriel

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