Christmas Perth Makers Market


The Christmas Perth Makers Market went very well. This time we had cute Christmas corner bookmarks. I think that they were a hit, as well as the usual origami Christmas cards.

I enjoy the Christmas stalls the most, because that’s when everyone does their Christmas shopping. When people buy our handmade items it makes me feel happy that they like our goods.

I love busking, especially when I do it with friends. It feels great to perform and at the same time as helping the less fortunate. This time though, we had a temporary microphone which helped slightly with the volume. Although, the wind was being very annoying.

In the end, we raised enough (this market only) to help one child attend a public school for a year (with mandatory uniform, school supplies and hygiene materials) and two months of teaching supplies in Cambodia.

~ Amelia

On Sunday, my family and I went to Applecross to do our stall. I like running the market because we raise money to help other kids reach their goals and to get inspiration from other people’s crafts. When the charities emailed back to show their appreciation for our donations I knew I was helping people dream what possibilities they can achieve.

We sold many books, bookmarks and little statues at our stall. My sister’s friends Alyssa and Lily came and helped run the stall too. We also went busking and I sung ‘Count On Me’ and ‘Riptide’. Sometimes I went out to look at other peoples creations. I liked a cute woolen piggy.

~ Zuriel

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